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Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

'Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture' cover image

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

Volume 35

This well-illustrated new volume continues the tradition of Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture of publishing innovative interdisciplinary scholarship on the interpretive edge.

Contents include:

ASECS Women's Caucus Roundtable: The Career and Work of Madelyn Gutwirth
Carol Blum, Madeleine Dobie, Madelyn Gutwirth, Katherine Jensen, Sarah Maza, Karyna Szmurlo, and Janet Whately

The Plantation and the Polis: Reform Ideology and the Generic Structure in Matthew Lewis' Journal of the West Indian Proprietor
Ellen Malenas

Give Us Our Daily Breadfruit: Bread Substitution in the Pacific in the Eighteenth Century
Vanessa Smith

The People Things Make: Locke's An Essay Concerning Human Understanding and the Properties of Self
Mark Blackwell

Covering Sexual Disguise: Passing Women and Generic Restraint
Fraser Easton

Sapphic Self-Fashioning in the Baroque Era: Women's Petrarchan Parody in English and Spanish, 1650–1700
Dianne Dugaw and Amanda W. Powell

"Why, you... I oughta'... ": Aposiopesis and the Natural Language of the Passions, 1670–1770
Robert G. Dimit

From Geneva to Glasgow: Rousseau and Adam Smith on the Theatre and Commercial Society
Ryan Hanley

Faux savants, femmes philosophes, and philosophes amoureux: Foibles of the philosophe on the Eighteenth-Century French Stage
Anne Vila

The New Paris in the Guise of the Old: Louis Sebastian Mercier from Old Regime to Revolution
Joanna Stalnaker

Carriages, Conversation, and A Sentimental Journey
Danielle Bobker

Hyperborean Atlantis: Jean-Sylvian Bailly, Madame Blavatsky, and the Nazi Myth
Dan Edelstein