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Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

'Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture' cover image

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

Volume 36

This new volume continues the tradition of Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture of publishing innovative interdisciplinary scholarship on the interpretive edge. Undertaking critical investigation of eighteenth-century ideas and practices, it discusses the possibilities and limitations of print; royal portraiture, the sentimental novel, and botanical classification through the categories of gender; the European experience in the 1700s; and change over time in the realms of music, architecture, and literature from the eighteenth century to the nineteenth.

Contributors and content:

James Swenson, Critique, Progress, Autonomy

Eve Tavor Bannet, Printed Epistolary Manuals and the Rescripting of Manuscript Culture

Madeleine Forell Marshall, Late Eighteenth-Century Public Reading, with Particular Attention to Sheridan's Strictures on Reading the Church Service (1789)

Daniel Rosenberg, Joseph Priestley and the Graphic Invention of Modern Time

Jennifer G. Germann, Fecund Fathers and Missing Mothers: Louis XV, Marie Leszczinska, and the Politics of Royal Parentage in the 1720s

Mary McAlpin, Julie's Breasts, Julie's Scars: Physiology and Character in La Nouvelle Héloïse

Ann B. Shteir, Flora primavera or Flora meretrix? Iconography, Gender, and Science

Karen Melvin, A Potential Saint Thwarted: Religion and the Politics of Sanctity in Late-Eighteenth Century New Spain

Margaret R. Ewalt, Christianity, Coca, and Commerce in the Peruvian Mercury

Howard Irving, Haydn and the Politics of the Picturesque

Richard Wittman, The Hut and the Altar: Architectural Origins and the Public Sphere in Eighteenth-Century France

Göran Blix, The Occult Roots of Realism: Balzac, Mesmer, and Second Sight