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Table Of Contents

Prologue: Boudoir and Tribune
1. A Faded Coquette: Marivaux and the Philosophes
2. Fakes, Impostors, and Beaux Esprits: Conversation's Backstage
3. The Sly and the Coy Mistress: Style and Manner from Fénelon to Diderot
4. Capturing Fireside Conversation: Diderot and Marivaux's Stylistic Challenge
5. Grace and the Epistemology of Confused Perception
6. Between Paris and Rome: Montesquieu's Poetry of History
7. Montesquieu for the Masses, or Implanting False Memory
8. Everlasting Theatricality: Arlequin and the Untamed Parterre
Epilogue: The Costume of Modernity