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"As someone who has written on the topics of history, postmodernism, and fiction, it is with great pleasure that I can honestly say that this book has made me seriously rethink my most cherished conceptions about this broad field of theoretical endeavor."

"Sublime Desire constitutes a major contribution to the growing body of work on contemporary historical fiction... a must for those who wonder about the pervasivenessof history in comtemporary literature."

"Elias sets out to deepen our understanding of the ethical and political power of the historical romance, then and now... By the end of the book, however, she gives us much more than a thorough literary history. She gives us an increasingly intense investigation of how we might engage an ethics that resists the modern and the nostalgic."

"Fresh perspectives on the relationship between literature and traumatic historical experiences, historical truth and literary imagination, memory and narrative."

"These arguments are well stated and clear, and Elias's book is worth consulting."

"Elias not only offers a compelling analysis of postwar fiction but also reconciles much existing postmodern theory... Lucidly written, richly textured, and commandingly researched throughout."

"Elias manages to catch the postmodern intellectual zeitgest."