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Table Of Contents

Sublime Desire
Preface: Postmodernism, history and the Metahistorical Romance
The Question of Postmodernism
Chapter 1: Sorting Out Connection: The Historical romance in Hyperreality
The Historical Novel, Historiography, and Romance
The Metahistorical Novel, Romance, and Historiography
Chapter 2: The Metahistorical Romance and the Historical Sublime
Chapter 3: The Improbability of the Real: Spatializing History in Metahistorical
Spatiality and Postmodernism
Spatiality and Metahistorical Romance
Paratactic vs. Positivistic History
Simultaneous History in Flatland
Chapter 4: Metamodernity: The Postmodern Turn On the Enlightenment
Chapter 5: Western Modernity vs. Postcolonial Metahistory
Chapter 6: Coda: The Sot-Weed Factor and Mason & Dixon
Works Cited
Appendix: A Listing of Metahistorical Romance