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"In limpid prose, with unfailing exactness, and by dint of a remarkably non-polemical and non-ideological approach, Martin has written what will become the standard account of pre-modern Aristotelianism for a very long time to come. His book will be required reading for specialists and graduate students in multiple fields and will achieve authoritative status as a reference work."

"Academic and exuberant, the text provides a useful counter-reading of commonly held assumptions about the displacement of Aristotelian thought at the advent of the scientific revolution."

"Refreshingly clear and readable... A good introduction to Aristotelianism."

"Concise but very richly informative, Martin’s book with its clear vision and narrative will surely remain an essential work on the history of Aristotelianism for years to come."

"... [Subverting Aristotle] effectively demonstrates the impossibility of completely disentangling the history of premodern philosophy from the history of premodern science, and the value of bridging the medieval and early modern periods even when endeavoring to account for the distinctiveness of the ‘new sciences’ of the later seventeenth century."

"Reading the wildly varying portrayals of Aristotle's relationship to religion, from virtual Christian to benighted atheist, which Martin has collected together in this rich study, one cannot but agree with the French Jesuit Rene Rapin that "it is difficult to understand how in the succession of time it has been possible to make such different judgments on the same person" (p.167)."

"[Subverting Aristotle] offers a lot of very useful and fine-grained research into the shifting fortunes of late-medieval and early-modern Scholasticism."

"... excellent contribution"

"... lucid and fascinating... Martin's book offers a necessary tonic to those texts that merely hold up religion as the adversary of science without explaining why."