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Table Of Contents

Author's Note
1. Introduction
2. Study Background and Methodology
3. Tenure
4. Work-Life Integration
5. Support for Research and Teaching
6. Culture, Climate, and Collegiality
7. Engaging Leaders across the Campus
8. The Future of the Tenure Track
A. In-Depth Interview Guide
B. Master List of Interview Categories for Coding
C. University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Science Faculty Appointments and Review
D. University of Kansas General Principles for Developing Evaluation Plans
E. Ohio State University Core Dossier Outline (
F. University of Iowa Tenure Dossier
G. University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign Dual- Career Academic Couples Program
H. Mentoring at the University of Iowa
I. Ohio State University Academic Plan Scorecard, Update 2006

Success on the Tenure Track
Five Keys to Faculty Job Satisfaction
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