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Table Of Contents

Introduction. From Voting Power to Political Power
Stacie Taranto and Leandra Zarnow
Chapter 1. A History of Women in American Politics and the Enduring Male Political Citizenship Ideal
Stacie Taranto and Leandra Zarnow

Part I. Voting Rights Real and Imagined: Women's Political Engagement in the Decades after Suffrage, 1920s-1950s
Chapter 2. Commemorating the History of the Nineteenth Amendment: The National Woman's Party and the Politics of Memory in the 1920s
Claire Delahaye
Chapter 3. After the "Century of Struggle": The Nineteenth Amendment, Southern African American Women, and the Problem of Female Disfranchisement After 1920
Liette Gidlow
Chapter 4. "My Money's on the Mare": Lessons from the 1930 US Senate Campaign of Ruth Hanna McCormick
Johanna Neuman
Chapter 5. "A Dead Husband Is a Better Ticket to Congress Than a Log Cabin": The Public Discourse of Widows in Office, 1920-1940
Katherine Parkin
Chapter 6. Beyond the New Deal Network: Mary Elizabeth Switzer at the Federal Security Agency, 1939-1945
Dean Kotlowski
Chapter 7. Elizabeth Peratrovich, the Alaska Native Sisterhood, and Indigenous Women's Activism, 1943-1947
Holly Miowak Guise
Chapter 8. "These Men Have Such Dominant Positions": The Women's Committee for Educational Freedom and the Gendered Battle for Liberalism in the 1940s
Nancy Beck Young
Chapter 9. "I Have Talked to You Not as Women but as American Citizens": The Gender Ideology of Presidential Campaigns, 1940-1956
Melissa Estes Blair

Part II. Women's Political Leadership Takes Shape: Reform and Reaction, 1960s-1980s
Chapter 10. From Suffragist to Congresswoman: Celebrating Political Action, Women's History, and Feminist Intellectuals in Ms. Magazine, 1972-1984
Ana Stevenson
Chapter 11. "You Know Where I Stand": Louise Day Hicks and the Politics of Race, Class and Gender, 1963-1975
Kathleen Banks Nutter
Chapter 12. On the Shirley Chisholm Trail: The Legacy of Suffrage and Citizenship Engagement
Barbara Winslow
Chapter 13. Envisioning the National Women's Conference: Patsy Takemoto Mink and Pacific Feminism
Judy Tzu-Chun Wu
Chapter 14. Married Congresswomen and the New Breed of Political Husbands in 1970s Political Culture
Sarah B. Rowley
Chapter 15. Madame Ambassador: Jeane J. Kirkpatrick and Global Diplomacy
Bianca Rowlett

Part III. Looking Toward a New Century for Women in Politics, 1990s-2010s  
Chapter 16. Palin versus Clinton: Feminism, Womanhood, and the 2008 Presidential Election
Emily Suzanne Johnson
Chapter 17. Tribute Politics: How Feminist History Became a Reference Point in the 2016 Election
Nicole Eaton
Chapter 18. Rooted in Community: The Scholarship of Chicana Leadership and Activism
Marisela R. Chávez
Chapter 19. Pave It Blue: Georgia Women and Politics in the Trump Era
Ellen G. Rafshoon
Chapter 20. Putting Women on a Pedestal: Monument Debates in the Era of the Suffrage Centennial
Monica L. Mercado
Chapter 21. Toward a New New Deal... and the Women Will Lead
Eileen Boris