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Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1. The History of Caregiving in Dementia
Part II: Individual Aspects of Caregiving
Chapter 2. The Caregiver in Dementia
Chapter 3. From Home to Nursing Home: A Continuum of Care for Persons with Dementia
Chapter 4. Caregiver Burden
Part III: Interpersonal Aspects of Caregiving
Chapter 5. The Affective Interpersonal Bond in Caregiving
Chapter 6. Religious Participation and Caregiving: A Psychodynamic Perspective
Chapter 7. Caregiving and the Sexual Relationship in Dementia
Chapter 8. Grief and Loss in Dementia
Part IV: Implications for Treatment: The Multidisciplinary Approach
Chapter 9. The Role of Pharmacotherapy for Dementia Patients with Behavioral Disturbances
Chapter 10. Care of the Caregiver: Individual and Family Interventions
Chapter 11. Social Supports for the Caregiver
Part V: Societal Issues of Caregiving
Chapter 12. Health Care Policies and Caregivers
Chapter 13. Ethnic Elders and Caregiving
Chapter 14. The Ethics of Dementia Caregiving

Supporting the Caregiver in Dementia
A Guide for Health Care Professionals
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