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Introduction: Thinking About Surgically Changing Children
Part I: Personal Narratives About Appearance – Normalizing Surgery
Chapter 1. Twisted Lies: My Journey in an Imperfect Body
Chapter 2. Do I Make You Uncomfortable? Reflections on Using Surgery to Reduce the Distress of Others
Chapter 3. My Shoe Size Stayed the Same: Maintaining a Positive Sense of Identity with Achondroplasia and Limb-Lengthening Surgeries
Chapter 4. The Seduction of the Surgical Fix
Part II: Technology and the Pursuit of Normality
Chapter 5. Concepts of Technology and Their Role in Moral Reflection
Chapter 6. Emily's Scars: Surgical Shapings, Technoluxe, and Bioethics
Chapter 7. Thoughts on the Desire for Normality
Part III: The Surgical Context
Chapter 8. To Cut or Not to Cut? A Surgeon's Perspective on Surgically Shaping Children
Chapter 9. What's Special About the Surgical Context?
Chapter 10. Are We Helping Children? Outcome Assessments in Craniofacial Care
Part IV: Children and Parents Deciding About Appearance–Normalizing Surgery
Chapter 11. Who Should Decide and How?
Chapter 12. The Power of Parents and the Agency of Children
Chapter 13. "In Their Best Interests": Parents' Experience of Atypical Genitalia
Chapter 14. Toward Truly Informed Decisions About Appearance-Normalizing Surgeries
Chapter 15. Appearance-Altering Surgery, Children's Sense of Self, and Parental Love
Chapter 16. What to Expect when You Have the Child You Weren't Expecting

Surgically Shaping Children
Technology, Ethics, and the Pursuit of Normality
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