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"Heartily recommended. Dr. Chisolm is broad-minded in her understanding of patients and the full range of issues and concerns that fill their lives."

"Chisolm does a brilliant job weaving together her case study experience and personal story to explain what constitutes a thriving life and how to find fulfillment. I recommend this book with enthusiasm."

"Providing a refreshing new approach to understanding and alleviating mental illness, this book combines engaging writing and illustrative narratives with courageous self-disclosure and interactive exercises. Dr. Chisolm is candid and compelling. Her book separates itself from the pack by offering a much-needed perspective."

"There is a plethora of emotional self-help books available, but From Survive to Thrive is unique in its pragmatic approach to guiding people to recovery. This book is a transformative companion—one that sensibly enables individuals to understand their perspectives, accompanying them to an ultimate fulfillment in life that arises from within."

"Once I started reading this book, I found it difficult to put down. With engaging case examples, clear and lively writing, and practical guidance, Dr. Chisolm—a highly experienced psychiatrist—leads us on a journey to find new ways of 'flourishing.' This book will be enlightening for individuals struggling with mental illness or addiction, as well as their family members and friends."

"As a practicing psychiatrist and the mother of a child with a serious mental illness who IS currently thriving, I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with a mental illness who wants to maximize their recovery, understand their illness better, and even become a healthier and happier person."

"Meg Chisolm uses the powerful story of her own postpartum depression to explain how mental illness is shaped by biology, personality, behavior, and life experiences—and how an understanding of these elements can help people move beyond stigma to lead rich, productive, and fulfilling lives with mental illness. What a gift!"

From Survive to Thrive
Living Your Best Life with Mental Illness
Publication Date: 26 Oct 2021
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 168 pages
Illustrations: 36 b&w illus.
ISBN: 9781421441580