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"Heartily recommended. Dr. Chisolm is broad-minded in her understanding of patients and the full range of issues and concerns that fill their lives."

"Chisolm does a brilliant job weaving together her case study experience and personal story to explain what constitutes a thriving life and how to find fulfillment. I recommend this book with enthusiasm."

"Providing a refreshing new approach to understanding and alleviating mental illness, this book combines engaging writing and illustrative narratives with courageous self-disclosure and interactive exercises. Dr. Chisolm is candid and compelling. Her book separates itself from the pack by offering a much-needed perspective."

"There is a plethora of emotional self-help books available, but From Survive to Thrive is unique in its pragmatic approach to guiding people to recovery. This book is a transformative companion—one that sensibly enables individuals to understand their perspectives, accompanying them to an ultimate fulfillment in life that arises from within."