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"An exceptionally interesting addition to the study of the economic, social, and industrial history of modernity. Ranging over a long period and many localities, Swansea Copper is beautifully written."

"There is no comparable history of copper manufacturing in any part of the world or at any period that places it at the center of a global system of competition. This book can be seen as a key contribution, one that will easily find a wide readership beyond economic historians and those interested only in the history of copper or metals processing and manufacture. Extremely well written; an engaging and fascinating read."

"This powerful book represents the culmination of several research projects that consider the copper industry in a global framework, well before the so-called First Globalization of c. 1870 to 1914. It makes valuable scholarly contributions in diverse fields, including the histories of globalization, commodity chains, slavery, and international trade, as well as local Welsh history."

"This well-written, long-awaited study draws attention to a neglected subject: the role of the metal trades in the making of the modern world. The authors persuasively insert copper into recent discussions on capitalism, technology, institutions, and labor. A necessary read for anyone interested in the global development of modern society."

"A ground-breaking account of the local roots and international reach of a profoundly important facet of the Industrial Revolution, Swansea Copper interweaves technological, commercial, social, and cultural narratives in a brilliant exemplar of global and transnational historical scholarship. Evans and Miskell are to be congratulated on a stunning achievement in writing this fascinating history across (and beneath) the surface of the Earth."