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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Thinking of Me Thinking of You: Sympathetic Realism
1. Going Along with Others: Adam Smith and the Realists
Part 1: Smith's Sympathetic Protocols
Part 2: Sympathetic Form
2. The Art of Knowing Your Own Nothingness: Bentham, Austen, and th eRealist Case
Part 1: Sympathy and the Case for Realism
Part 2: Persuasion and the Sympathetic Case
3. Dickensian Sympathy: Translation in Proper Pitch
Part 1: Harmonizign in Other Words
Part 2: Form's Proper Pitch
4. Not Getting to Know You: Sympathetic Detachment
Part 1: Sympathetic Detachment
Part 2: Groupthink in Conrad and James
Coda: Sympathy versus Empathy: The Ends of Sympathy at Century's End