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"Levy takes a respectful, supportive, and kind tone as he reminds us that there are many pathways into and out of excessive drinking. He establishes a clear framework for readers interested in assessing and changing their drinking without treatment, and provides a useful map for those seeking other-directed change. A refreshing and important approach to managing drinking problems."

"A straightforward, practical approach to understanding and managing alcohol abuse and addiction from a nationally recognized leader in addiction medicine. Levy highlights important factors which lead to problematic drinking and uses real-life experiences from his three decades of treating patients to provide pragmatic strategies. A must-read for anyone struggling with alcohol abuse."

"A thoughtful approach to the much-misunderstood topic of how to manage problematic drinking behavior. In this updated second edition, Dr. Levy provides practical guidance for those wondering how to moderate their alcohol consumption, as well as valuable knowledge for students in counseling training. Discovering his book has been useful to me both personally and professionally!"

"Dr. Levy, a trusted leader in our field, once again provides a powerful tool for individuals struggling to control the impacts of alcohol on their work, self-esteem, and personal relationships. A must-read for anyone looking to build a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities for positive change."

"Taking a self-help approach, Levy... has produced a fine resource for those willing to take a look at their relationship with the bottle."

"As someone who has been in recovery for many years, I was skeptical of even the thought of trying to take control of my drinking. By using a couple of simple tests, Levy does a great job of walking you through the processes of analyzing whether you have a drinking problem. The book is an easy read and was an enjoyable and informative read for me. This is a great book for anyone in recovery or a person contemplating whether he or she has a drinking issue or not."

Take Control of Your Drinking
A Practical Guide to Alcohol Moderation, Sobriety, and When to Get Professional Help
Publication Date: 12 Jan 2021
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 304 pages
ISBN: 9781421439440