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Table Of Contents

Part I: The Older Patient in Today's Health Care System
1. Aging Today
2. The Complexity of Medical Care for Seniors
Part 2: The Health Care System
3. Clinical Settings and Key Programs for Seniors
4. How Will the Crisis in Health Care Financing Affect You?
5. Understanding Primary Care and How to Improve It
6. Your Doctor's Perspective
7. Getting the Most from Your Referral to a Specialist
8. Geriatrics Education for All Health Care Providers
Part III: Managing Your Health
9. How to Take Charge
10. How to Choose a Doctor and Make the Most of Your Appointment
11. Screening Tests for Seniors
12. Managing Medications
13. Nutrition and Exercise

Taking Charge of Your Health
A Guide to Getting the Best Health Care as You Age
Publication Date: 1 Jul 2010
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Page Count: 176 pages
ISBN: 9780801895524