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Table Of Contents

1. Connecting research, advocacy, and policy to advance equity, inclusiveness, and social change in higher education
2. A day late and a dollar short
3. Changing the course of history
4. Using postsecondary research to influence the policy process
5. The activist as intellectual
6. Researcher as instrument and advocate for inclusive excellence in higher education
7. Commitment to a scholarly life of contribution, meaning, satisfaction
8. Choosing how, why, and to whom we profess
9. Bridging the artificial gap between activism and scholarship to form tools for knowledge
10. So that the people may live
11. My people's professor
12. Listening to students
13. Why racial microgressions matter?
14. A road less travelled
15. Using philosophy to develop a thoughtful approach to going public or not
16. Research for policy in higher education
17. Public scholarship

Taking It to the Streets
The Role of Scholarship in Advocacy and Advocacy in Scholarship
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