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"Taking Nazi Technology details what the Americans found when they began looting Nazi Germany. At a time when the United States has become deeply insecure about its technological leadership, the story has important lessons for policymakers."

"O'Reagan's masterful study of the Allies' technology transfer in all four zones and in all of its many facets, successes, and shortcomings is a most welcome contribution to Allied occupation history and to the history of technology in general."

"[Taking Nazi Technology] provides a wide-ranging view of the scientific and technological exploitation carried out by all four of the powers that occupied Germany in 1945, without losing depth, nuance, or historical context. This is a story that has not been widely told before, and where it has been, its telling has generally been uneven, speculative, sensationalized, or all three. O'Reagan explains the policies and plans that underpinned these dramatic tales and fits them into the broader historical concepts to which they relate."

"O'Reagan has done an important service to move the literature beyond the narratives surrounding individual programs and toward new and bigger themes."

"A very interesting new book."

"An important book. Taking Nazi Technology will appeal to general readers, as well as historians of science and technology, the Cold War, economic history, and information science."

"A fascinating study of the different strategies adopted by the occupying powers in postwar Germany to appropriate science and technology, read through the lens of technology transfer and the acquisition of knowhow."

"This is an ambitious book that challenges conventional thinking about scientific practice, technology transfer, and the elusive question of 'know-how.' Efforts by Allied nations after World War II to capitalize on German expertise triggered enormous changes in everything from science policy to how we store and sift information. A wide-ranging and engrossing study."

Taking Nazi Technology
Allied Exploitation of German Science after the Second World War
Publication Date: 30 Mar 2021
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 296 pages
Illustrations: 4 line drawings
ISBN: 9781421439846