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Table Of Contents

Introduction. Reconsidering Activism in the Arab World: Arab Uprisings and Beyond
Chapter 1. Architecture of Resistance in Tunisia
Chapter 2. Egypt: A Decade of Ruptures
Chapter 3. Activism and Civil War in Libya
Chapter 4. Explaining Political Activism in Yemen
Chapter 5. Activism in Syria: Between Nonviolence and Armed Resistance
Chapter 6. Activism in Bahrain: Between Sectarian and Issue Politics
Chapter 7. Morocco's Makhzen and the Haphazard Activists
Chapter 8. Jordan: Evolving Activism in a Divided Society
Chapter 9. Political Activism in Kuwait: Reform in Fits and Starts
Chapter 10. No Spring in Riyadh: Saudi Arabia's Seemingly Impossible Revolution
Postscript. From Activism to Democracy
List of Contributors