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"Living in Baltimore for most of the five years that I filmed The Wire, I was astounded to see how closely life mirrors art for too many residents of this—and most other—major cities in America. I hope the readers of this intriguing book really 'feel' the problems that are highlighted and emerge committed to change."

"A must-read—and a great read—to understand why drug abuse undermines all our lives and to learn effective and less costly ways to solve the complex riddle of poverty and drug abuse. We need such evidence-based public health analyses and leadership to strengthen our cities' futures and support a resilient, successful, and equitable nation. This book offers a cogent, 21st-century public health agenda to create urban health and well-being."

"This book will help both fans—and critics—of The Wire make connections between the stories presented on screen and how public health approaches can address vexing and seemingly intractable social problems."

"An engaging, fast-paced read that translates the fiction of a cable one-hour drama to the reality of an American City. Using the themes of the social determinants of health, governance, and intersectoral action, the book seeks to reframe the discourse about drug policy and the health of US cities. It is an important read for students and for those seeking to communicate the importance of social determinants of health and understand the politics of drugs and health in cities."

"A convincing argument that nonviolent drug users are part of a significant public health problem that demands an effective response from cities... Readers cannot help but feel sympathy for those who struggle with addiction and the plight of government officials who strive to create alternatives to this dilemma. Highly recommended for readers interested in substance abuse or criminal justice issues and prepared for intellectual engagement."

"Beilenson leads us through the rationale and implementation of public health initiatives that might have an effect on the show's characters, or on the city's embattled residents those characters are meant to portray."

Tapping into The Wire
The Real Urban Crisis
Publication Date: 1 Sep 2013
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 232 pages
Illustrations: 15 halftones
ISBN: 9781421411903