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Foreword: A Conversation with David Simon, Creator of The Wire, by Patrick A. McGuire
1. The New Public Health Crisis: Wallace's World
2. Heroin Central: The Street Life of Bubbles, Marlo, and Johnny
3. Losing the War on Drugs: The Pit versus the Police
4. Medicalize or Legalize: Hamsterdam
5. Needle Exchange and the AIDS Dilemma: Sticking It to "the Bug"
6. Treatment on Demand as a Strategy: Walon's Success Story
7. School Performance and the MIA Parent: The Tragedy of Dukie's Education
8. Teenage Pregnancy and STDs: Shardene's Escape
9. Firepower: Snoop's Beretta, Avon's Heckler, and Omar's Mossberg
10. Place Matters: Why Didn't Bodie Just Leave?
11. Of Paint and Guns: Did Omar Die of Lead Poisoning?
12. Obese Yet Malnourished: The Weighty Contradiction of Prop Joe
13. Public Health and Politics: The Promise and Peril of Tommy Carcetti
Epilogue: Learning from The Wire: Practicing Politics to Practice Medicine
Cast of Characters

Tapping into The Wire
The Real Urban Crisis
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