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Table Of Contents

1. Reading Tea Leaves
Astroturf or Grassroots Populism?
Parties, Anti-Parties, and Populism
2. The Rise of the Tea Party
The Search for the Rosa Parks Moment
Media and Money
3. Political Payoff in the 2010 Midterm Elections
Tea Party Ascendant
Evangelicals and the Tea Party
4. The Tea Party and the Religious Right
Constitutional and Biblical Fundamentalism
The Christian Right and Machismo
5. The Tea Party and Big Business
Libertarian Fundamentalism versus Christian Fundamentalism
Developing Strains in the Alliance
Frustration with Politics as Usual
Immediate Precursors of Tea Party Rebellion
Libertarianism with Benefits
7. The Tea Party and American Political Culture
Predictions and Assessments
The Roots of the Tea Party's Grassroots