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Table Of Contents

1. The Postbellum Naval Profession: From Discord to Amalgamation
2. Competing for Control: Line Officers, Engineers, and the Technological Exemplar of the Battleship Paradigm
3. Refining the Technological Ideal: The Simsian Uproar, Engineer Bashing, and the All-Big-Gun Battleship
4. Technological Trajectory: Geostrategic Design Criteria, Turboelectric Propulsion, and Naval-Industrial Relations
5. Anomalous Technologies of the Great War: Airplanes, Submarines, and the Professional Status Quo
6. Controlling Aviation after the World War: The 1924 Special Board and the Technological Ceiling for Aviation
7. Disarmament, Depression, and Politics: Technological Momentum and the Unstable Dynamics of the Hoover-Roosevelt Years
8. War and a Shifting Technological Paradigm: Fast Task Forces and "Three-Plane" Warfare
9. Castles of Steel: Technological Change and the Modern Navy
Note on Sources