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"William I. Robinson has earned a reputation as one of the leading critical analysts of capitalist globalization as a system of power. This book—both rigorous and readable—develops his thesis that we are witnessing a world-historical transition into a new phase of capitalism, with new forms of power, resistance and struggle. Whether or not you agree with Robinson's controversial thesis, you will agree that this book represents formidable scholarship and raises crucial political questions for the twenty-first century."

"This is a fine, succinctly argued, presentation of a critical theory of 'global capitalism.' The author regards globalization as a new phase in the history of capitalism—specifically, in the development of a transnational global economy. This book is particularly striking with respect to its cogency, vitality and great commitment to a democratic global order."

"The leading analyst of transnational class formation provides a clear, straightforward, and convincing account of the economic, political, and social contours of contemporary capitalism. This is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the global condition and prospects for its amelioration."

"Yet another book on globalization? If you think you have read too many already, think again! Here is a fresh look at the subject which shatters the illusion that globalization has to do with either free international trade or the disappearance of the state. Robinson expertly gathers the diverse threads that run through our world order and unerringly hones in on class and transnational power at the heart of it."

"Robinson has some interesting things to say... What began as a dry theoretic treatise has morphed into a tub-thumping harangue."

"Clever and panoramic analysis. Written in a conversational, yet rigorous style."

"This book is an impressive accomplishment. One need not agree with its thesis... to find it interesting and worthy of further study."

"A must read, presenting a powerful theoretical thesis."