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"Arnold's dense book explores the fertile ground left mostly unturned by new historicist approaches of early modern politics... Brilliant and well-documented analysis of Shakespeare's 'representational plays'."

"A compelling historical refinement... Recommended."

"Remarkably scholarly... This seminal redrawing of power and politics in late Tudor and early Stuart England takes its authority from the tight analogies it makes between political events and governmental practice in Shakespeare's time and its detailed examination of key scenes in a half-dozen of his plays. In confronting our common assumptions of the period, it forces us to rethink our own historical beliefs."

"Intelligent and important book... A bracing riposte to revisionist historians."

"A superb look at Shakespearean politics."

"Promises a fresh and original approach."

"Provides some needed and very stimulating ideas and evidence with which to develop scholarly analysis of the ways in which contemporaries thought about parliamentary representation, and about the problems involved in making such a system both meaningful and practicable."

"A serious book about an important subject and a work that anyone interested in Shakespeare's political thought should read carefully... I admire The Third Citizen."

"Arnold quite convincingly documents his major claim."

"A compelling, lucid, and critically important intervention in a series of overlapping fields: Shakespeare studies, Renaissance studies, and cultural studies. In addition to startlingly fresh and persuasive interpretations of familiar plays, Oliver Arnold offers a whole new way of understanding the politics of the Elizabethan and Jacobean theater."