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Table Of Contents

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1. A Map from the Past to the Present
2. Context, Trends, and Conceptual Framework for Research
3. Survey Design and Research Logistics
4. Demographics of the Sample
5. Admissions and Screening
6. Financing a Doctoral Education
7. Socialization
8. Research Productivity
9. Satisfaction, Performance, and Progress
10. Rate of Progress, Completion, and Time to Degree
11. Predicting Experiences and Performance
12. Interpreting Field Differences
13. Group-Specific Implications
14. The Doctoral Student Experience: New Answers and New Questions
Appendix A: Criteria and Broad Major Fields Used in This Study
Appendix B: Social and Academic Outcomes of Doctoral Students in the Biological and Physical Sciences
Appendix C: Survey of Doctoral Student Finances, Experiences, and Achievements
Appendix D: Methodology
Appendix E: Differential Effects of Attendance at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Appendix F: Predicting Experiences and Performance Regression Tables
Appendix G: Graduate Record Examination Scores: Missing Data and Distributions

Three Magic Letters
Getting to Ph.D.
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