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Introduction. A Cancer Vaccine for Girls? HPV, Sexuality, and the New Politics of Prevention
Vaccine Time Lines
Part I: The Known and the Unknown: Vaccination Decisions amid Risk and Uncertainty
Chapter 1. The Coercive Hand, the Benefi cent Hand: What the History of Compulsory Vaccination Can Tell Us about HPV Vaccine Mandates
Chapter 2. Gardasil: A Vaccine against Cancer and a Drug to Reduce Risk
Chapter 3. HPV Vaccination Campaigns: Masking Uncertainty, Erasing Complexity
Chapter 4. The Great Undiscussable: Anal Cancer, HPV, and Gay Men's Health
Chapter 5. Cervical Cancer, HIV, and the HPV Vaccine in Botswana
Part II: Girls at the Center of the Storm: Marketing and Managing Gendered Risk
Chapter 6. Safeguarding Girls: Morality, Risk, and Activism
Chapter 7. Producing and Protecting Risky Girlhoods
Chapter 8. Re- Presenting Choice: Tune in HPV
Part III: Focus on the Family: Parents Assessing Morality, Risk, and Opting Out
Chapter 9. Parenting and Prevention: Views of HPV Vaccines among Parents Challenging Childhood Immunizations
Chapter 10. Decision Psychology and the HPV Vaccine
Chapter 11. Nonmedical Exemptions to Mandatory Vaccination: Personal Belief, Public Policy, and the Ethics of Refusal
Chapter 12. Sex, Science, and the Politics of Biomedicine: Gardasil in Comparative Perspective
Part IV: In Search of Good Government: Eu rope, Africa, and America at the Crossroads of Cancer Prevention
Chapter 13. Vaccination as Governance: HPV Skepticism in the United States and Africa, and the North- South Divide
Chapter 14. Public Discourses and Policymaking: The HPV Vaccination from the Europe an Perspective
Chapter 15. HPV Vaccination in Context: A View from France
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Three Shots at Prevention
The HPV Vaccine and the Politics of Medicine's Simple Solutions
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