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Thriving with Kidney Disease

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Thriving with Kidney Disease

A Practical Guide to Taking Care of Your Kidneys and Yourself
second edition

A complete guide to caring for your kidneys and maximizing your health.

Kidney disease occurs when your kidneys are damaged and no longer function as well as they should. In the past, it was fatal, but thanks to new treatments, including dialysis and transplantation, people can live long and healthy lives. This book provides everything you need to know to help you cope with your kidney disease and maximize your health. Walter A. Hunt, a medical researcher who had kidney disease and received a kidney transplant, walks you through what science says about how you can take care of your kidneys, including what foods to avoid and what treatment options may be best for you. Also included are recommendations to help you sleep and feel better along with overall health advice.

In this latest edition, Hunt adds new sections on emerging subjects, including

• coping skills for caregivers
• kidney disease in children
• environmental causes of chronic kidney failure
• conservative care for those who wish to decline treatment
• related conditions like gout, depression, and sleep disturbances
• diet after transplantation
• how best to work with your care team
• insurance issues
• potential new treatments

A useful guide for the healthcare professionals who work with individuals with kidney problems.