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"The paucity of consumer health information on kidney disease and treatment makes this essential for consumer health collections."

"People with the disease can lead full and productive lives, and Hunt's readable and empathetic book will help them do just that."

"Kidney patients have been waiting a long time to have in their hands a readable, authentic accounting of what kidney disease is all about and how patients cope with it... a masterful job to give lucid descriptions of the kidney's work and the consequences of renal insufficiency that we nephrologists commonly obscure with scientific word jargon."

"This book should be widely available as a reference to chronic kidney disease patients and their families and by all those involved in chronic kidney disease care."

"As a medical researcher, the author has the unique ability to present the key relevant information in lay patient language. This book is easy to read for most kidney patients."

"Walter Hunt has provided careful and understandable explanations, and he's offered his personal experience with and perspectives on how kidney failure has affected his life. I congratulate him for providing this excellent guide for people with kidney disease."