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"For a person in memory care, keeping the mind engaged is vital for physical and mental well-being. Moreover, activities that engage the whole person and acknowledge their dignity are important to ensuring that they participate and find joy in the activity set before them. A new second edition of the book Through the Seasons: Activities for Memory-Challenged Adults and their Caregivers lays out 32 experiences for caregivers and memory-challenged adults to try together throughout the year."

"Through the Seasons is a must-have for anyone living with cognitive impairment and his or her care partners, as engagement in meaningful and interesting activities is vitally important for well-being. Organized into seasonal activity ideas, this book delightfully provides creative and fun things to do and talk about."

"Green and Beloff have once again written an essential addition to any memory aid library. Their expert knowledge is insightful, helpful, and easy to understand. Through the Seasons is a must-have resource for anyone dealing with memory issues."

"Through the Seasons offers holistic, person-centered, practical guidance for professionals and family care partners. Drs. Green and Beloff integrate wellness with person-centered approaches, and evidence-based cognitive stimulation through seasonally focused, creative, and meaningful activities that promote joy, purpose, dignity, and self-worth for the older adult living with memory loss."

"This book offers a variety of creative activities meant to stimulate communication with loved ones who have a memory disorder."

"A beautifully composed book, with colorful and clear images, font, and design. A great deal of thought and expertise obviously went into its writing. The book would be equally useful for family caregivers and professionals."

"This fun, easy to use book may provide an opportunity for locus of control and enjoyment for memory-challenged individuals who have lost much of their communication skills. The pictures are wonderful and the activities are designed to be flexible and can be used in various ways. This book is certainly a useful resource for caregivers and will provide enjoyment for all."

Through the Seasons
Activities for Memory-Challenged Adults and Their Caregivers
Publication Date: 10 Mar 2020
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 128 pages
Illustrations: 46 color photos
ISBN: 9781421436470