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"A splendid (and highly revisionist) book. A Time of Scandal, written with verve and intelligence by a major player in the history of American medicine and public health, is a fresh, convincing look at Warren Harding's presidency and Charles Forbes's tenure at the Veterans Bureau."

"Soundly researched and superbly written, this intriguing and important book will appeal to a broad audience. Weaving together the biography of Charles R. Forbes with the tumultuous early years of the Veterans Bureau and its place in the 'Harding scandals,' the author presents a rich historical account that features hubris, deception, vindictiveness, and an interconnected series of cascading events."

"Sometimes the best story is the back story—what really happened behind the scenes. Rosemary Stevens reveals the truth behind one of the most colorful scandals in American political history in this incisive and gracefully written work. A tour de force of historical research and insight."

"Equal parts detective, biographer, and keen historical analyst, Rosemary Stevens delves into one of America’s most infamous political scandals with stunning results. Cutting through the mist of intrigue and rumor, she offers a compelling portrait of President Warren Harding and his Veterans’ Bureau chief, Charles Forbes, and in the process forever alters our narrative of high politics in the Roaring Twenties."

"This is a wonderfully researched and beautifully written examination of a key player—heretofore largely overlooked—who was deeply involved when things went amiss during the Harding presidency, and the book shines fresh light into a few dark corners of history that are worth reexamining."

"[A] nuanced and well-documented exploration of the controversies around the early Veterans Bureau. A Time of Scandal is a multifaceted and strong account of an interesting time."

"Her colorful narrative makes a convincing case for Forbes' rehabilitation and, in light of other recent revisionist histories, a full reconsideration of an allegedly corrupt president and administration. An engaging argument for justice for a flawed but perhaps wrongfully disgraced civil servant."

"Stevens offers a richly detailed account that portrays Forbes and Harding more favorably than most previous historians. Although aimed at scholars, general readers will be fascinated by the courtroom scenes and Forbes's rehabilitation during his two- year sentence in Leavenworth Penitentiary."

"Professor Rosemary Stevens has produced what is certainly the definitive work on Forbes in A Time of Scandal."