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Table Of Contents

Part I. American Dreams
Chapter 1: Hidden Stories, Fateful Meetings
Chapter 2: Washington, DC, March-April 1921
Chapter 3: The Dream of Efficiency in Government

Part II. Reality Checks
Chapter 4: Harding's Flagship Program, the US Veterans Bureau
Chapter 5: High Stakes: Controlling Veterans Hospitals
Chapter 6: Hype, Hooch and the Art of the Con

Part III. Winds of Change
Chapter 7: Taking a Friend on a Business Trip West
Chapter 8: Harding Resurgent: White House versus Forbes
Chapter 9: Transitions in 1923: Forbes's Resignation to Harding's Death

Part IV. Scandal Time
Chapter 10: Coolidge, Common Cause and the Politics of Scandal
Chapter 11: Rush to Judgment: A Senate Committee Investigates Forbes
Chapter 12: Scandal Weavers: Scripting a Story of Rogues, Graft and Greed.
Chapter 13: The Trial of Charles R. Forbes

Part V. Aftermath
Chapter 14: Making the Best of It
Chapter 15: Charlie and Bob, Masks and Mirrors

Time Line