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"What a joyously meticulous history of how we've understood time! I can't look at anything between a sundial and a Swatch the same way."

"This energetic book explores how we acquired 'our' time, when and why this occurred, and what errors needed correcting along the way. Mondschein tells these fascinating stories in ways that illuminate their historical, technological, scientific, philosophical, sociological, and theological aspects. This is a fun book that invites the cliché, 'It's about time.'"

"Mondschein moves effortlessly and engagingly between technical definitions and social implications, offering both a history of the science and technology of timekeeping and an exploration of the enduring impact of time as it keeps on slipping into the future."

"That On Time is interactive is certainly a bonus. Mondschein provides activities, or exercises, to bring alive the abstract concepts and scientific observations he describes in each chapter—a fabulous idea that should be more widely adopted if a subject lends itself to this type of experimentation."