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"Timely, smart, and fun, this book will provoke some very interesting classroom conversations—and may well reshape the way lots of us teach American literature. A game-changing collection that offers a provocation to scholarship and to teaching, this lucid, lively book is a joy to read."

"Through a series of thought experiments and formal proposals, the contributors in Timelines of American Literature explore the 'revisionist potential' of a periodizing drive that is too often undertaken conservatively. A fresh essay collection with an exciting range of chapters and topics."

"Marrs and Hager have assembled a series of thought-provoking essays that expand our ways of thinking about American literature by questioning, lengthening, reversing, and even defending the timelines that have traditionally defined it."

"Timelines of American Literature shakes up disciplinary assumptions that have undergirded literary historiography for over a century. These fresh and provocative essays offer bracing alternatives to long-standard field chronologies, methodologies, and ideologies."

"Marrs and Hager have assembled a rollicking and provocative collection of essays in this superlative volume. Ranging from a single year to several millennia, the ages, eras, and histories mapped by these essays imagine multiple expansive, inclusive, madcap, and shifting futures for American literature."

"In this bracing collection of essays, editors Cody Marrs and Christopher Hager and their contributors open up questions at the core of American literary studies. What are its durations, locations, and boundaries? How do we lend coherence to our endeavors? The answers offered are many, sometimes conflicting, always vital."