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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations

1. Introduction
Cody Marrs and Christopher Hager

Part 1. Prehistories and Transitions
2. Prologue. What's in a Date?
Sandra Gustafson

3. 1833-1932: American Literature's Other Scripts
Erica Fretwell
4. 1922-1968: The Disenchanted Literature of Homeownership
Adrienne Brown
5. 1830-1924: The Literatures of Sovereignty
Phillip Round
6. 600 BCE-1830 CE: The Book of Mormon and the Lived Eschatology of Settler Colonialism
Jared Hickman

7. 1629-1852: American Literature, Democracy, and the Patroons
Jennifer Greiman
8. 1973: When It Changed
Gerry Canavan
9. The Three Burials of Confederate Nationalism
Coleman Hutchison
10. 1819-1857: Romantic Cycles from the Panic of 1819 to the Panic of 1857
Andrew Kopec
11. Reimagining 1820-1865
Robert S. Levine

Part 2. Ages and the Long Present
12. Prologue. The Anthropocene, 1945/1783/1610/1492-???? (or, I Wish I Knew How to Quit You)
Dana Luciano

13. The Age of US Latinidad
Jesse Alemán
14. The Age of Van Buren
Justine S. Murison
15. The Ages of Appalachian Literature
Rachel A. Wise
16. The Civil War in the Age of Civil Rights
Michael LeMahieu
17. The Age of Warhol
Bryan Waterman

The Long Present
18. All of It Is Now: Slavery and the Post-black Moment in Contemporary African American Literature
Yogita Goyal
19. Propaganda and the Movement of American Literary History
Russ Castronovo
20. De-ciphering American Literature:
Caroline Levander
21. Methodological Individualism and the Novel in the Age of Microeconomics,
1871 to the Present
Annie McClanahan
22. 1980 to the Present: Formalism and the New Authoritarianism
Rachel Greenwald Smith
23. American Captivity Narratives from the Colonial Era to the Present: A New Timeline
Birgit Brander Rasmussen
24. Afterword. The Newer Newest Thing: Reperiodizing, Redux
Susan Gillman
Appendix. Sample Syllabi