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Table Of Contents

Part I: Tools of Presentation and General Pedagogy
1. Textbooks: Creating a National Standard
2. The Blackboard: An Indispensable Necessity
3. Standardized Tests: The Many Guises of Efficiency
4. The Overhead Projector: Snapping the Class to Attention
5. Teaching Machines and Programmed Instruction: A Lifeline in a Sea of Students
Part II: Tools of Calculation
6. The Abacus: Palpable Arithmetic
7. The Slide Rule: Useful Instruction for Practical People
8. The Cube Root Block: Teaching "Evolution" in the Schools
9. Blocks, Beads, and Bars: Learning Numbers through Manipulation
Part III: Tools of Measurement and Representation
10. The Protractor: Acute Solutions for Obtuse Students
11. Metric Teaching Apparatus: Making a Lasting Impression?
12. Graph Paper: From the Railroad Survey to the Classroom
13. Geometric Models: Ocular Demonstrations
14. Linkages: A Peculiar Fascination
Part IV: Electronic Technology and Mathematical Learning
15. Calculators: From Calculating Machines to the Little Professor
16. Minicomputers: Drill, Programming, and Instructional Games
17. Early Microcomputers: The Lure of Novelty
18. Graphing Calculators and Software Systems: The Media with a College Education

Tools of American Mathematics Teaching, 1800–2000
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