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Table Of Contents

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1. The Camp David Accords Lay the Foundations for a Two-State Solution, 1978–79
2. The First Multitrack Diplomacy Efforts and the Unsuccessful "Jordanian Option," 1979–88
3. A Multitrack Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations, 1989–91
4. Back-Channel Negotiations in Norway: The Challenges, the Planning, and the Track-Two Efforts of the Oslo Accords, 1991–93
5. Preparing for Permanent Status: The First Attempt, 1993–96
6. Keeping the Oslo Process on Track: Multitrack Diplomacy during the First Netanyahu Government, May 1996–May 1999
7. The March of Folly: Ehud Barak's Attempt to Conclude a Permanent Status Agreement, May 1999–February 2001
8. Life after Failure: The ECF in Search of a Strategy,February 2001–February 2003
9. Trial and Error in Testing Three Paradigms,January 2003–February 2009
10. The Kerry Initiative and Beyond