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"The book is both interdisciplinary and highly readable."

"Those working on British Romanticism are often monolingual and indeed monocultural and so it is refreshing to see a monograph engaging with France, Britain and Germany in its re-evaluation of the development of modern drama."

"Compelling account of the birth of modern drama and its relationship with the French Revolution... Redraws the boundaries of scholarly insight and represents a valuable contribution to the field of Eighteenth-Century Studies."

"A thought-provoking and intellectually ambitious study."

"Disciplined and concise with its scope and material, and in this way, it serves as a model for interdisciplinary rigor."

"Although it weaves together a wide range of recent scholarship in English and French drama, in political, social, and cultural history, in historiography, art history, and urban history, it makes a unique and extremely important contribution of its own in tracing an evolutionary past to the modern dramatic consciousness through the revolutionary period."