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"An exciting and accomplished scholarly project. Norman's compelling study shows the way our understanding of modernism remains—and should stay—inherently conflict-ridden. This subtle and illuminating book will contribute significantly to modernist studies and to the cultural history of the midcentury United States."

"Writing with the style and vocabulary of modern intellectualism, [Norman] demonstrates the culture to which new scholars can aspire. Highly recommended."

"Norman shows that certain other emigres seemed to gather their powers from the very antagonistic differences they encountered. Even more relevant for us now, the European cosmopolitans encountered a wave of right-wing authoritarianism and xenophobia that echoes the challenges faced by current immigrants."

"The book's scope, and something fresh in its writing, shows this to be something more than an academic book marketed only for university libraries. It undeniably has a subject which should reach a wider readership, engaging with issues which are of the moment and with writers and artists who exceed mere 'academic' interest. It was not possible to read any chapter of this study without learning something... its insights and information are stimulating and thoughtful."