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"This is a timely book that presents very important insights for the study of migration... Transnational Peasants manages to address complex theoretical questions in a clear language while also engaging the reader."

"An insightful, well-researched, comparative, and comprehensive chronicle."

"The conceptualisation of transnational migration has entailed a shift in the way international migrations have been studied recently. In his work on four Andean communities... Kyle provides us with new elements for understanding this migration. He shows how apparently homogeneous origins can lead to different patterns of transnational migration strategies."

"Kyle's masterfully comparative work shows the particularity of the Otavalo transnational experience... Transnational Peasants give[s] us a better understanding of how a particular community faces the risks and opportunities of globalization."

"Transnational Peasants significantly extends our base for theoretical and empirical generalization on international migration. It is a brilliant study that I recommend to all students of international migration."

"This beautifully written book tells the story of the latest migration from poor countries of the south to rich countries of the north, and does so in a fascinating and illuminating way. Transnational Peasants is truly a must read."