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"Lewis's book provides not only a wealth of information but also delightful reading. It should be part of every library as a starter point for classes on American nineteenth-century public culture."

"Belongs in the collection of anyone who claims to be serious about the study of American popular entertainments."

"Includes a range of useful and previously inaccessible sources. Both researchers and teachers will find it a valuable reference."

"An impressive and judiciously selected collection of relevant documents... This compendium is notable for its broad coverage of forms, informative commentary, and superb bibliographic essay on sources."

"An eminently useful book... It is an excellent reader for introducing students to cultural history, bringing it alive through primary sources."

"All-encompassing... it is likely to become a standard work, for media students as well as for American history enthusiasts."

"Robert Lewis offers a revealing look at the rich scope of America's popular entertainment past. Through a series of marvelously chosen primary sources, he vividly brings to life the dime museums, circuses, melodramas, extravaganzas, and other amusements to which nineteenth-century audiences flocked. Ultimately the book affords us a new perspective on today's popular culture and shows that despite great advances in technology, the essence of public entertainment has changed little during the last two centuries."