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Treatment of Child Abuse

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Treatment of Child Abuse

Common Ground for Mental Health, Medical, and Legal Practitioners
second edition

An essential, evidence-based reference book for mental health professionals and medical personnel working with victims of child abuse.

Acclaimed as a milestone resource by the Journal of Child and Family Studies, Treatment of Child Abuse has been updated and expanded with ten completely new chapters. The second edition adds the expertise of co-editors Rochelle F. Hanson, Ph.D., and John Sargent, M.D., along with chapters from many new contributors.

The second edition is organized by various modes of therapy, different settings for therapies, and the individualized needs of victims correlating to types of abuse and neglect. The contributors describe evidence-based and evidence-supported treatments for traumatized children and adolescents, information on research and theory underlying the interventions, and explanations of treatment protocols. The contributors focus particular attention on special populations and cultural differences. Entire sections focus on medical care and legal interventions necessary for abused youth.

New and expanded material includes information on
• Bullying
• Sanctuary Model of trauma-informed care
• Long-term medical management
• Appropriate use of psychopharmacology
• Importance of self-care for professionals

Treatment of Child Abuse is an important resource for mental health professionals, family physicians, pediatricians, emergency department physicians, physician assistants, and nurses, as well as child advocate professionals, social workers, and lawyers.

Treatment of Child Abuse
Common Ground for Mental Health, Medical, and Legal Practitioners
Publication Date: 15 Jun 2014
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