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Table Of Contents

Brackets and Tables, Circles and Maps, 1554–1778
Early Botanical Networks and Trees, 1766–1815
The First Evolutionary Tree, 1786–1820
Diverse and Unusual Trees of the Early Nineteenth Century, 1817–1834
The Rule of Five, 1819–1854
Pre-Darwinian Branching Diagrams, 1828–1858
Evolution and the Trees of Charles Darwin, 1837–1868
The Trees of Ernst Haeckel, 1866–1905
Post-Darwinian Nonconformists, 1868–1896
More Late Nineteenth-Century Trees, 1874–1897
Trees of the Early Twentieth Century, 1901–1930
The Trees of Alfred Sherwood Romer, 1933–1966
Additional Trees of the Mid-Twentieth Century, 1931–1943
The Trees of William King Gregory, 1938–1951
Hints of New Approaches, 1954–1970
Phenograms and Cladograms, 1958–1966
Early Molecular Trees, 1962–1987
Notable Trees of the Past Four Decades, 1970–2010
Primeval Branches and Universal Trees of Life, 1997–2010