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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations and Tables
1. Land and Labor
Tribal Reserves
Small Communities
Work off the Reservation
Indian Reserves as Refuges
2. Community and Family
Indian Networks in the Early Republic
Marriages with "Foreigners & Strangers"
Anglo-American Views of Indian Intermarriage
Indian Views of Race and Intermarriage
Intermarriage and Assimilation
3. Authority and Autonomy
Guardians Reappointed
Mashpee and Gideon Hawley
The Standing Order, Class, and Indians
Guardians and Tribal Challenges
The Mashpee Revolt
4. Reform and Renascence
Maintaining Institutions
Indians, the Society for Propagating the Gospel, and Reforms
Indians, State Governments, and Economic Enterprise
Renascence and Resistance
5. Reality and Imagery
Indians at Midcentury
Employment and Workways
Tribal Identity and Politics
Images of Indians
Local Histories
6. Citizenship and Termination
Race and Civil Rights
Proposing Termination
Rejecting Termination
Compelling Termination
List of Abbreviations
Essay on Sources