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"James's accessible, lively rendition of Quintus's poem deserves to alter the face of ancient epic studies... He fuses a flexible and nuanced form of the ancient hexameter rhythm with contemporary idiom. His Posthomerica includes a superb introduction, lucid commentary, bibliography, index of the occurrence of proper names, and summaries of the action of each Book... A landmark publication."

"Amazingly, the first full-scale introduction to Quintus and his poem in English."

"This third-century CE poem—which deals with the events surrounding Homer's Iliad and Odyssey—has been unfairly neglected and even denigrated by scholars more familiar with the Homeric epics. James attempts to rectify this situation in this comprehensive book."

"Provides an excellent and accessible introduction, translation, and commentary for this neglected epic."

"Through J.'s industry and scholarship Quintus is served well in this volume, which will generate interest in the Trojan Epic and pave the way for a much-needed literary reappraisal."

"Posthomerica clearly aims to be a work of scholarship."

"Provides a vivid retelling of events associated with the Trojan War subsequent to those outlined in the Iliad, but before those of the Odyssey—a very attractive way of learning about a wide range of the details associated with this most famous of all mythological legends. Dr. James is one of half a dozen of the most accomplished scholars of late Greek poetry in the world. It is especially gratifying to discover that his skill as a translator matches that of his skill as a scholar."

The Trojan Epic
Publication Date: 1 Mar 2007
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 408 pages
ISBN: 9780801886355