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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Tropology, Discourse, and the Modes of Human Consciousness
Chapter 1. The Burden of History
Chapter 2. Interpretation in History
Chapter 3. The Historical Text as Literary Artifact
Chapter 4. Historicism, History, and the Figurative Imagination
Chapter 5. The Fictions of Factual Representation
Chapter 6. The Irrational and the Problem of Historical Knowledge in the Enlightenment
Chapter 7. The Forms of Wildness: Archaeology of an Idea
Chapter 8. The Noble Savage Theme as Fetish
Chapter 9. The Tropics of History: The Deep Structure of the New Science
Chapter 10. What is Living and What is Dead in Croce's Criticism of Vico
Chapter 11. Foucault Decoded: Notes from Underground
Chapter 12. The Absurdist Moment in Contemporary Literary Theory