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Table Of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Note on Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Terms
1. Introduction
2. The United States Faces Korea
First Encounters
Japanese Ascendancy in Korea
National Division
The Korean War
The Containment System
3. The Dynamics of Structural Adjustment: From Nixon to Carter
The Guam Doctrine
Nixon's China Policy
Ford's Interregnum
Carter's Military Policy
The Koreagate Investigations
Political Crisis in South Korea
4. The Passing of the Cold War: The Reagan and Bush Years
Reagan's Anti-Communist Policy
The Beijing Talks
Roh's Northern Diplomacy
Economic Relations
5. From Containment to Engagement: Clinton's Policy
Engagement Policy
The Four-Party Talks
The Perry Process
A Missed Opportunity
6. In Search of Hegemonic Diplomacy: Bush's Policy
Bush's New Doctrines
The "Axis of Evil"
The HEU Program
Multilateral Diplomacy
The Six-Party Talks
A Strained Alliance
The Yongsan Garrison
South Korean Troops in Iraq
7. Prospects
Continuity and Change
Inter-Korean Relations
The United States and Korea after Unification
Appendix: Tables