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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Plotting the Hyperbola of Deception
1. "A thieves' quarter, a devil's den": The Birth of Criminal Man
2. "A vast plain under a flaming sky": The Emergence of Criminology
3. "Supposing that Truth is a woman—what then?": The Enigma of Female Criminality
4. "Fearful errors lurk in our nuptial couches": The Critique of Criminal Anthropology
5. "To Classify and Analyze Emotional Persons": The Mistake of the Machines
6. "Some of the darndest lies you ever heard": Who Invented the Lie Detector?
7. "A trick of burlesque employed... against dishonesty": The Quest for Euphoric Security
8. "A bally hoo side show at the fair": The Spectacular Power of Expertise
Conclusion: The Hazards of the Will to Truth
Essay on Sources