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Tunas and Billfishes of the World

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Tunas and Billfishes of the World

The definitive resource on tunas and billfishes from the world's top authorities.

Tunas and billfishes are peak predators of the oceans. Admired by scientists and naturalists for their speed, grace, unique physiology, and diversity, they are important both ecologically and socioeconomically. Vital sources of food and income for many maritime nations, whose fleets of vessels target them with huge purse seines or miles-long lines, these exhilarating fishes are also highly desired and avidly sought by big game fishers across the globe.

In Tunas and Billfishes of the World, Bruce Collette, a leading marine ichthyologist and conservationist, and John Graves, an expert on the biology, fisheries, and management of tunas and billfishes, focus on three families of fishes: Scombridae, the mackerels and tunas; Istiophoridae, sailfish and marlins; and Xiphiidae, the Swordfish. Over the course of 61 in-depth species accounts, Collette and Graves

• describe what each species looks like and where it lives
• include detailed summaries of the fishes' biology—size, food, habitat, reproduction, and early life history
• offer current information about fisheries interests and conservation status
• provide up-to-date evaluations of the threat status for each species

Accompanied by full-color, scientifically accurate illustrations by renowned illustrator Val Kells, along with range maps for each species, this spectacular volume is the essential book on these majestic inhabitants of the sea. Destined to quickly become the standard reference for scientists, students, and naturalists, Tunas and Billfishes of the World will also be prized by all fishers who pursue these species.

Tunas and Billfishes of the World
Publication Date: 6 Aug 2019
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 8" x 10"
Page Count: 352 pages
Illustrations: 241 color illus., 61 maps
ISBN: 9781421431574
Subject: Life Sciences