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Table Of Contents

1. Problem, Promise, and Reality
2. The Century Begins, 1900–1919
The Downtown
The Neighborhoods
Righting the Urban Wrongs
3. Promises Thwarted
The Failure of Moral Reform
The Failure of Political Reform
The Imperfect Mosaic
Automobiles and the Promise of Suburbia
4. An Interlude in Urban Development, 1930–1945
The Depression
The Federal Response
The Wartime City
5. Suburbia Triumphant, 1945–1964
Suburban Boom
Central-City Bust
Reviving the Central City
6. An Age of "Urban Crisis," 1964–1979
Rebellion and Crime
Washington's Response to Urban Crisis
The Fiscal Crisis
The New Ethnic Politics
7. Toward a New Metropolis, 1980 and Beyond
Renaissance or Bust
The New Ethnic Mosaic
The Post-suburban Metropolis
8. The Turn-of-the-Century City
Revival amid the Ruins
Stopping Sprawl
Bibliographical Essay