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"Twenty-First Century Plague describes many of the people, events, political settings, and other contributing factors in a fascinating view of the story behind the story of the outbreak."

"Abraham gives us an excellent and dispassionate account of the cultural and political background to the cover-up and the unfortunate consequences."

"The book is richly filled with facts, and they are conveyed in a captivating manner. It is as impressive as the film Outbreak. "

"Abraham offers insights into the 'dos and don'ts' of managing a public health crisis and provides key learning points."

"A ringside account of the world's recent encounter with the emerging infectious disease SARS. Engagingly written by an accomplished journalist."

"The rush to contain and unmask the agent responsible... had more plot twists than anything Robert Ludlum ever wrote."

"The book provides an important summary of many aspects of the global experience with a new disease and discusses important lessons learned from the SARS response."

"In this detailed report by Abraham, the inability of health care systems to cope with such newly emergent infections is clear."

"A beautifully written book."

"Timely and well-presented."